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haha~ so, dengan bangganya Me telah ditag oleh  Lyana
So, this game really is about tagging people...
Budak pandai ni buat secara pukal eh..so, pada sesiapa yang tag tu, sorry sesangat sebab lewat..hehe~ malas nak buat banyak post ler~~^^
The Rules :

  1. You must post these rules.
  2. Each person must post 11 things about themselves in their journal.
  3. Answer the questions that tagger set for you in their post. And create eleven new questions for the people you tagged to answer.
  4. You have to choose 11 people to tag and link them on the post.
  5. Go to their page and tell them HIM/HER
  6. No tag back!
  7. No stuff in the tagging section about "YOU ARE TAGGED IF YOU ARE READING THIS" YOU LEGITIMATELY (a.k.a REALLY, TRUST, WITH ALL HONESTY) have tagged 11 people.
The 11 things about Me :-
1) full name, Khalida Amira Azmi (KAA)
2) born on 20th of April 1996 *muda lagi
3) Paling suka coklat
4) Suka sedekah a.k.a senyum~
5)Bossy *bajet pengurus di usia muda
6)Belajar di SMK Bandar Tasik Puteri
7) Suka masak tapi tak suka mengemas dapur yang dah tunggang langgang dikerjakan
8) Paling menyukai nombor '8' sebab beliau comel.Seyez! comel sangat macam donat kembar siam
9)Benci sukan tapi aktif taekwondo
10)Kurang tetap pendirian tapi setia pada yang satu *mcmlh ada 'yg satu' =='
11) Gila bayang pada 'Prince Charming' * dia pun suka kat Me lah! <----perasan
That 11 answers:- From Miss Lyana
1. What make you happy ?
Thingking about happy things~  

2. Do you still love your ex and y ? Hee ~
What ex? x,y,z? I'm Still single~  

3. What u will do when your friend lie to you ?
Ask them why they lied  

4. Do you love or me and y ? Honest ukeyh :D
apakah? Cik Lyana comel!Me like!*jeles sebenarnye

5. U mad when ?
Everything not going as planned 

6. What you like ?

7. Do you still single or not :P
I'm still single!xD 

8. How`s your final exam ?
hmmm..PMR? awesome! 

9. When your bf/gf curang , what u will do ? :P
Clash! Hurt at first,a little bit..Then, got over it 

10. What colour you like ?

11. What do you do when you want get peaceful ?
Sleep, drawing,drink lots of cold water 
 That 11 answers :- From Adik Yana (nama korg sama lh~)

  • Ur wieght + height? #I knoe sometimes it maybe ur personal matter.
Alamak! soalan maut! Height: 150 cm,Weight :err 35 hehe~ 45 lh! *i know, gemuk..=='
  • What is ur favourite activity?
  • Do you admire someone [he/she] ? Did that person knoe?
Yes! BUt, Prince Charming doesn't know about it
  • What do you think about my blog I mean my post and many more? *be honest my dear*
Ur blog? AWESOME! Post? Simple and easy to understand ^^
  • Have u eat right now? What did u eat? #can I have some =P
No..I haven't eaten yet...& U cannot have some! lol~ joking my dear..Here have a plate!
  • Favourite song? Tell me?
 A Year W/O Rain (Selena Gomez)
Perfect (P!nk)
What The Hell (Avril Lavigne)
Sweet Dreams (Emily Browning)
You Belong With Me (Taylor Swift)
You're The Reason (Victoria Justice)
I'll Always Remember You (Miley Cyrus[Hannah Montana])
Wherever I Go (Miley Cyrus[Hannah Montana])
*want some more? trolol
  • Did u like to watch korea drama/movie? List it all =P
Korea? hmmm no thanks ^^
  • What is ur result on UPSR, PMR and SPM
UPSR :- 5A's
PMR :- hopefully 8A's
  • What did the first thing u do when u open ur lappy?
Facebook! Jyeahhh!!
  • Ur room colour? Tell me why u choose that colour?
Green.Because it's the colour of serenity
  • Lastly, when u grow big and big what do u wanna be and what is ur planning when ur age in 20+?
20? Studying
About 22 I wanna get Married to Prince Charming *haha~ Gatal!
11 soalan maut!:-
1)Do you have a sweet heart?

2)Apakah gelaran yang anda beri kepada sweet heart anda?xD

3)What do you fantasize about before going to sleep?

4)What number do you like and why?

5)Adakah karakter anda berlainan apabila anda bersama orang yang berlainan?

6)Favourite show/movie?

7)Be honest! What do you think of Me?

8)Do you think that you're better than your enemy?

9)Do you usually achieve your target/goal?

10)Do you have ESP? (extra sensory perception) 

11)What do you think about this questions?

Tu dia! dua soalan terakhir adalah soalan orang yang kering idea! haha~
So, 11 orang yang ditag adalah....

nurul atika

  Hasmirah xD

Nur Adibah Razali.

  Farah Izzaty




Junior V

*Wa tag 10 org je sbb wa takde masa nk buat..So? gotta problem with that? come and find Me..I'll beat u to pulp..WHOA!! gengster abisss!!

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