You need to see it to Believe it~ [Prince Charming]

Ni cara baru Me nak sapa/tegur/bagi salam dekat kawan-kawan Me dekat sekolah~
Orang bagi salam, Me bagi ’Aipp!’ macam nak kena masuk tadika balik je kan? = =’ I’ve said it before....I’ll use English when talking about Prince Charming~
Maybe ad rojak sket..But, halal je la….Rojak kan halal?
Oh! Before I forgot,

Ok...stalking around in FB...suddenly came across his status,
im sick of being lonely for so long and i want 2 find sum1 that can be my love...
but i realize that its to difficult for me to find sum1 after i look at myself...
Kyaa~~~!!!! Rasa macam nk tercabut eye ball!
Does he really mean that??? I want to Fly away~
OMG!! Yess!Yess!!! I’ve gotta take this my dream!
(nk PMR kapel2 ni?)
But, dear, oh dear....He doesn’t even realize my existence! As if I’m invisible, but visible…(x phm? Me too~)
My sweet, sweet, Prince Charming….If u look around, u will always find me, cheering u on…Every step of your way, you’ll see that I’ve been right here for so long…waiting for u to see that…but, I know, it’s impossible….U’ll find lots of other girls out there…while,I wait 4 u (and pray 4 that doesn’t happen[lol]) right here…where we last met…
*sigh…It’s like there is nothing that I can do to make u realize my existence….My friends said that I’m ‘angau’ but..I said, “lantak kau”…U meant so much to me…before I know u…I H.A.T.E being in school on Saturdays…I’d rather sleep till noon…(haha~)In FACT, I HATE school…I want to get-the-hall-outta-here-right-now! But,after we’ve met, I enjoyed school~ first, I was hoping to see u again…But, now,I’ve found out that, if u can go to….err….where ever u go,was starting from THIS school…I want to feel/absorb those memories so that, I can dream about u all the time
“I’m sick of being lonely for so long…”
So…Just look over here stupid! I’m Right HERE!!! Sheesh!  Y r u so, blind?? Thank God U’re charming, or else, I’ve would have to knocked u out conscious …= =’
“…and I want 2 find sum1 that can be my love…”
Here! Here! I can be your love!! *frantically waving both hands
You’ve no worries about finding, you just have to LOOK!
“…but I realize that its to difficult for me to find sum1 after I look at myself...
??What do you mean so difficult? Just be you, and I’d be charmed!
& what did u saw when looking at yourself??? You’re just fine la dear…like I’ve said, I’d be charmed…I can accept that you’re not that perfect, but, neither do I! I know your secrets...(you don’t even know me)…& still I like u! It’s not like everyday we’ve met..In front of you, I act like, ‘hey! What’s up?’ but, if you turn around, you’ll see that I was blushing all over & jumped frantically & shrieking … but, I guess that will never happen…coz, you’ll never turn around…
I know about your love life, your ex’s....But, still...I can be your lady~just Be my Knight~I love to see your smile…Maybe u smile a lot out there,but I rarely see it…It’s PRICELESS you know? Seeing u smile at my silly mistakes, carelessness…its PRICELESS la dear! When u talked to me for the first time, I was really touched…”My oh my, how concern!”
*Well readers, he first talked to me was when at our TKD practice, he is one of the    instructors…He trained my group. But, his training was hell 4 me coz, to see him eye-to-eye & then…sakit belakang tu datang! Adoii! Spoil sungguh! But,masa tu la dia jadi concern tu~~
Ok la….sambung kendian (kemudian) …
Ok love?
P/S : sesuai dgn lagu ’You belong with Me’ (Taylor Swift) kan??

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