Grr!!! | bengang dengan Prince Charming!

ok...Fine! dia buat hal lagi!! ><;
hehe~ like i know him that long to say that
what the hall? (x mencarut ^^)
nak nangis guling2 sad...
ada ke patut dia tulis kat status dia
"i wonder if any girl would like me"
grrr.... i feel like i want to eat him!
oppss! puasa...hehe~
grrr... why don't you come to SEMETRI, and find me in my class...and ask me that!
sure Me terus cakap, "ye la ngek! takkan tak nampak2 lagi kot!"
then,he would make his cute-baffled face....
then, Me cakap, " I Like YOU!"
 haha~ stop dreaming kid!
I'm not that brave,or out-going....I like to keep all my feelings to myself...
I'll wait for him to make the first move~
yeah rite! haha~ just another silly dream of mine~
"i wonder.."
quit wondering! there is someone who likes you very the strong! ><;
"...if any girl..."
so....I'm not a girl? wanna lose a hand sweet?
"...would like me"
I L.I.K.E U * waves both hand like crazy* O3O;

huhuhu~ i want to cry..but,i'm happy!
at least i know that he's 'available'
okey2..stop....better start those revisions....time is very jealous of me (masa amat mencemburui Me)
grrr...u better watch out Prince Charming....I'll knock u out cold one day... 
Rabun sangat!! better wear spects la!

Peace Out!!

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