Where Are You?!

Ya Allah!
I'm going to be crazy soon!
My dear two knights...Please lah step forward and show yourselves.
I've been waiting for you guys for far too long now.

Just recently..I was scrolling through FB and blog orang..I jumpa satu blog tu penuh dengan gambar orang-orang yang hensem.Actually, tu gambar budak2 sekolah dia. Apakah orang-orang hensem kumpul setempat je? Kenapa takde kat sekolah I ni?
Teehee~Apa kaitan dengan isi yang pertama tadi? Takde pun :P

Now back to the story....
*Flash Forward*
Kita terjumpa kat reunion ayah2 kita. Then, korang dengan penuh style, kehenseman dan yakinnya datang and tegur aku. 
"hye there. Long time no see. Guess who?"
Then, kita bersembang and chatting and texting and meeting and talking and texting some more.
How cool would that be? :')

Bhahahaha~ dream on khalida...Dream on..

*S.K.S forever*

Why is it so hard? If I forget you guys and move on with my life, I'll just be hurting myself. But if I stayed this way-trying to find you, remembering all those things that we used to do, I'll go insane and hurt myself!
So, which one?
1) Forget and move on- lying and hurt myself 
2)Don't forget-go insane and hurt myself

either way, I'd still be the one that's hurted in the end.What to do? >:'(


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