Okay..serius malu tahap gaban sekarang ni. Gara-gara kontrovesi  yang melanda. Saya give up dengan anda semua.
So...kita start dengan Prince...He wants to find his 'Mrs. Right'. What about me?
pfftt...Go die Khalida..Go die...

And then...Its about my childhood...Ya Allah...How could I forget?
They're my bestest friends since...FOREVER!
I shouldn't just forgot just because we're not together rite?
Dear my two best friends....If you came across this post..Please remember that I love you guys with all my heart. And please lah ingat kat aku ni... :')
We had our ups and downs. Left and right..Utara,Timur,Barat,Selatan semua..but at least we're together right?
But all that changed when we had to go on our separate ways..
Ya Allah..Pertemukanlah kami kembali..Kuatkanlah ikatan kami ini. Tabahkan hatiku ini Ya Allah..
Amin Ya Rabbal A'lamin... :')

My Angels... S.K.S forever 

Stay true, First Loves 


p/s: not in the mood for anything. Haven't met them for 5 years now :'(

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