Directioner vs Directionator

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So, the title is in english and this band is from England, why don't we use correct english for once? Macam bagus je bunyik...Cer tengok pebenda yang keluar sat lagi :P
Ehem....I got this from the
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Someone who stands by the band One Direction no matter what. Who would be there to support the boys 100%. Whether it's acting, singing, dancing, anything... they'll be there for it all. Even when the band grows up and goes on with their lives, these girls that call themselves "directioners" will NEVER forget the happiness and the joy that Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, and Zayn Malik brought to them for so many years!

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-a fan of the huge boy band One Direction.
-If you are a Directioner you are most likely cooler then everyone else.
-Directioners will rule the world one day, dont doubt that.

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People who think they have swag like Directioners. The are fake/new fans of the amazingly good looking and talented boy band One Direction. They do not understand inside jokes. They think they are better then original fans. They most probably think:
"Zayn" is spelt "Zain"
Liam likes cats.
Harry hates spoons.
Louis loves Food.
Niall likes carrots.
 As you can see, well, You probably can't see me. Because, you know...I'm at home...And you're not anywhere near me..Unless you're some creepy stalker.
Oops! Focus !! (-_-")
I am also a proud directioner. BUT I am not a pro in this 'directioner' thing.So....Let's see how things go :) *I am definitely NOT a directionator. Thank You very much :)*

1) Okay..First of, 1D's first song together is Torn. Not What Makes You Beautiful. *duh!* Directioners should know this from the start. If you say that 'WMYB' is their first ever song..You should go jump off a bridge. Actually, WMYB was their debut song. As in, their first official song as a professional singer.

2) Second, their names. I always find it rather annoying when directionators got confused when it comes to their names. Err, hello? Its the first thing you should ever know. If you want to call yourself a fan that is..If not, please..Continue with your life. *Directioners don't have a life LNL*

-Zayn : Originally, his name is spelt Z-A-I-N. But, he prefers to spell it Z-A-Y-N..
"How does Zayn originally spelt?"
Me: S-E-X-Y xD

-Louis : People....Its Lou-ee..Not Lewis. Nuff said. *ehem, sila terasa bagi yang berkenaan*

-Harry : Umm...A lot of confusion has occurred just because of this perfect angel *LNL* I've read a tweet from his mom that his name is Harry Edward Styles.Not Harold :)

-Liam : Umm...People often confused him with Harry due to his hairstyle. But, now he has changed it so, please...Do not confuse no more *whaaat?*

-Niall : Hee~ this Irish perfection. Ladies, his name shouldn't be pronounced as nail. One should know that before going around town and embarrass oneself :P

3) The youngest member of the band is Harry. Not Niall. People probably assumes Niall the youngest because he looks innocent and sweet. Whereas Harry is kinda...dirty minded. Ehem..All in all, they're beautiful! Stop judging!

4) Liam doesn't really scared of spoons. He just doesn't like it much. It doesn't mean that he'll jump to the ceiling when he sees a spoon chilling,relaxing on the table. Duh!

5) "NO!" Jimmy protested. It is a joke. Louis read it from a book in one of their video diaries. Jimmy is not the sixth member of the band.

6) Directioners love carrots and potatoes. Although, carrot jokes are so overrated nowadays

*****hey, did these facts got shorter by the number?*****

7) Directioners will always love all the 1D boys even when other people forgets about them. But, let's face it..That ain't gonna happen :P
I mean, why would anyone forget these 5 British/Irish boys that R-O-C-K-E-D the world? C'mon people.

8) Directioners loves the boys' girlfriend as much as they boys love them. They would never hate on the lucky girls. Except for Caroline's case. I don't get it..Why would people hate 'Haroline' anyway? Harry made the choice himself. Oh, and when there break ups, directioners also cry for the boys. Except, we do not eat ice cream to cheer us up. We eat carrots and potatoes :P

9) Directioners are the greatest fan base ever! We are the coolest fan in the history of man kind. Well, if other people see their idol fell on stage, they would go "OMG! My poor baby" But, directioners go, "Haha~ thats what you get for being drunk!" See? How cool are we? :P

10) LNL: Means Love Niall's Laugh. It use to be LLN (Laugh Like Niall) But he thought that people was making fun of his cute laugh. Although LNL means love Niall's laugh, it is used just like LOL except in directioners' term. Ehem, We are the coolest *LNL*

11) There are 7 members of the band. (Directioners know~) Waa~ orang lain dah terkerut-kerut dahi 'bila pulak ada 7' Tadi tulis 5, sekarang 7. Whoa mabuk,mabuk... Ehem...The other two members are Paul, they boys' 'babysitter' and the other one is Kevin the pigeon! Look it up.

Oh...I think that's it for today. I am so lazy to type any longer. Pfft...

p/s: If there's any mistake, please..Do not hate on me.Like I said, I'm not a pro
p/s/s: Please forgive my poor english. I didn't get the highest mark in the test. *Ehem, anna, Where are you? I blame you for this* :P

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