Since You Loved it So Much

Don't bother reading cuz this is just another rants and blablabla
Hey You! Since you love to read my blog and use it against me later..Read this.
It could be my neighbour, the teacher, the mak cik kantin, a classmate, a hobo from downtown....
I wonder if I am easily offended nowadays or people tend to get on my nerves recently.
First of all, please read this... I'm trying to be professional here.
Even if I like/hate you...I won't mix that with my work. Sure, I like you but that doesn't mean that you can get away when you abused the rules.
Yes, we argue over something. You can ignore me all you want. But don't take away MY RIGHTS TO VOICE OUT MY OPINION. Yes, you hate I still have my own responsibility to attend to. Don't treat me like I'm your sidekick because we're on the same level here.
Please be professional. If you can't handle that....Tell me and let's settle this like a matured adult.
You acted like a child but wants to be treated like a grown up...Please girl..Please Stop...I beg you.

You voted me as the leader..You want me to manage all the things. But you won't accept my opinions. You just want someone to do all the hard work but you also want him/her to follow your 'rules'
I've thought about all those things day and night. I've calculate all the possibilities...But you neglect all these facts and try to change it into your own.You want it to work like you imagine but you don't want to handle it. Sure...Try to handle like, almost a hundred kids by yourself...

Please..Open up your mind and take in these words...I'm so tired of all these...You've put me down, put out my lights, closed the door, slammed it right in my face. Turn around when I'm begging on my knees...You said mean things to me and did things only a coward would do..But, I still smile. I swallowed all that because I wanted to be you friend. The one that you'll cherish all life long. The one that you can count on when you've all the problems. The one that you can lean against when you got all the burdens to carry on your shoulder. That kind of friend that you'll remember smiling and missed when you flash back all the high school memories.
Please....Just hear me out...For once in your life, put aside your ego for a while... Bury the hatchet...If I can do it, I'm quite sure that you could do it too. Because you're all so mighty and powerful. So strong and brave. The one that I always looked up to. My idol. But most of all...You are my friend. I cried over the things you did and said. All the things that happened. Doesn't that mean anything to you? Someone just cried a thousand tears for you. What does that mean? Ask yourself these question.

And you there! You constantly and literally offend me. You spilled out your hatred towards me daily. Even when I'm not there, you still do it. Dear..Allah doesn't create me so that you could offend me and hurt my feelings all you want. Just so you know, I don't really care when a person tried to get on my nerve. But you just crossed the line. You could make me cry with just a single sentence.Everyday I tried to be nice...I tried to make friend with you. But you spit on my face, stab me with your dagger-like words..I'm just so tired..Why do you hate me so much? Is it just because of that very incident? When you asked about something and I raised my voice?Just because of that? Why don't we forget about it and start anew? We could start over with introducing ourselves.
If I could forgive you when you insulted, humiliate, offend and mocked me on the daily basis...Why can't you forgive me for raising my voice towards you? It's like you hate the whole rose because it's not your favourite colour. You won't admire its beauty just because of a silly reason. I'm not saying that I'm beautiful and you should admire my being. Hell no! I just wanted you to take a second and think of what you've did.
I'm actually crying right now while typing all these. I tried to be helpful to you but you publicly humiliated me. I didn't do anything to you but you still insult me anyway. If I had my revenge or trying to get even with you..You'll just hate me even more. And we will fight until we graduate. That's not how I want to remember my school life.

Please....I'm on my knees..Begging..If you still wanted to be ignorant fools like you are right now...Then continue doing so. Then, I have no choice but to be a fool and ignore you. That's unprofessional.

To all other friends...Please take this as a reminder of how a single and small mistake will turn to be a huge iceberg and crash your sail boat of dreams in the future.


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