Because I haven't updated anything in the longest time

wahahahaha! dah setahun kot blog ni terbiar!! T_T
last post pasal nk survive MPPB. and now, dah siap graduate matrik dah pun. baru nk update
Scratch that.
Tawaran UPU dah keluar dah pun baru nak update. Dehek xD
Mmg setahun lebih blog ni kne tinggal. kalau lah blog ni rumah, mungkin dah ada penghuni2 haram menetap kat atap rumah. Lol sangat (-_-")
Rasa awkward nak taip post barang seketul dua.Nasib baik still boleh bezakan huruf 's' dengan 'z' kalau tak, sila buang sijil matrik, repeat tadika.Kelas dua matahari, kelas chekgu murni :P


Harap adik-adik yang dah selamat masuk matrik tu dapat belajar dengan aman damai dan tenteram. Belajar tak payah kelam kabut, kayh? Lecturer kat matrik sama macam cikgu sekolah.Korang sangat dialu-alukna datang belajar kat tempat lecturer. My lects used to give out biscuits and candies just so that the students would come and study at their places rather than in the comfort of one's own rooms. Lol. Comfortable sangat! ada katil, ada makanan, ada laptop, study ntah ke mana, hati gundah gulana.

is it almost time for UPS?Or have that part long past already?
*touches imaginary beard*

Ah... I remembered my graduation ceremony like it was yesterday.
I should inform you that matrik's graduation ceremony is held on April.
My college (Kolej Matriks Kedah), has these trees that bear beautiful purple and pink flowers planted all around the college's ground. Supposedly, they are in full bloom in April. I dunno their name but I used to call them 'Sakura Kedah'. Ntah pape. Padahal kat penang pun melambak. xD
Since February, I have been excitedly exclaiming to my classmates that I wanted to take pictures in the ceremonial robe, under one of these trees. But alas, the weather had been excruciatingly hot since early march and hence, the flowers wilted waaayy earlier before the graduation ceremony. *sigh*
And the trees too, I think, so lazy to bear new batch of flowers since they will just dried up and turned into potpourris soon enough. *sigh again* 
But at least I got to graduate. *lol*
And when the dreaded last week of lectures came, we all were all present to hear the final lectures. (Hey, I was always present to class except when I'm sick. Mind you >:P)
It was all bitter sweet, y'know?
The female lecturers were all giving their final speech like moms telling their children to use their time wisely and study and among other things. It was so heart-touching at first but then, if we have 6 female lecturers, we have to hear just about the same thing over and over again. Man, I missed those speeches :')
The male lecturers were different. And one stood speech stood out from the rest. "Takpaa..kamu tu minggu last ni baru nak mai kelas. Next sem kamu jumpa saya lagi. Duduk dalam kalangan adik-adik junior kamu tu".The famous last word. *ouch*
The dreaded study week came soon after. And man, it was crazy hectic, wa tell lu'olls.
First off, one of my roommates decided to have a study group session starting at midnight. She called many of her friends over. And what supposed to be a room of four people (max) was occupied with 7 people, not including me and one other roommate. They used the 'lampu tengah' instead of their study lamp because of their big capacity. And i can't sleep! I tried to tolerate and be patient and more understanding BUT, I have to think about myself too! Throughout that week, I was all tired and zombie-like. And I remembered that I fainted on several occasions due to fatigue. An ambulance came and rushes me to the hospital. Later, I found out that I was the first person in history of KMK to have been taken to a hospital via ambulance, in the middle of the night. Kah! malu pulak ai. tapi, my friends said that it couldn't be helped and it was needed to be done or else, van jenazah will come. Such wonderful friends, they were :')
They intervened and told off my roommate for the entire situation. A few rules were clearly had been broken by that roommate of mine and she stood her ground saying that it wasn't her fault.*growls*
But all in all... It added to the bitter sweet memories. More bitter than sweet. But a memory, regardless.

Ahh.. PSPM. Last day.
I finished my paper with 20 mins to spare. I used the time to look around and absorbed the surrounding with what little time I had left. My lecturers. My surrounding. The beloved DM (Dewan Mahawangsa). My friends' faces trying so hard to answer the exam. Lulz~
And when the time was up, so was our title as a matric student. A KMK student.
Then, as what typical girls do on a typical scene like this, we hugged and cried our eyes out. Typical.
I didn't cry at first but then i saw this friend of mine who basically was (and hopefully still) a sister of mine all smiling and happy because she smashed that exam out of the park while I spent  the time to browse idly at things. Oh look, a butterfly

Man...I rambled waay too much.
I'll hapdet later la. When I feel like it.

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