Because I haven't updated anything in the longest time

wahahahaha! dah setahun kot blog ni terbiar!! T_T
last post pasal nk survive MPPB. and now, dah siap graduate matrik dah pun. baru nk update
Scratch that.
Tawaran UPU dah keluar dah pun baru nak update. Dehek xD
Mmg setahun lebih blog ni kne tinggal. kalau lah blog ni rumah, mungkin dah ada penghuni2 haram menetap kat atap rumah. Lol sangat (-_-")
Rasa awkward nak taip post barang seketul dua.Nasib baik still boleh bezakan huruf 's' dengan 'z' kalau tak, sila buang sijil matrik, repeat tadika.Kelas dua matahari, kelas chekgu murni :P


Harap adik-adik yang dah selamat masuk matrik tu dapat belajar dengan aman damai dan tenteram. Belajar tak payah kelam kabut, kayh? Lecturer kat matrik sama macam cikgu sekolah.Korang sangat dialu-alukna datang belajar kat tempat lecturer. My lects used to give out biscuits and candies just so that the students would come and study at their places rather than in the comfort of one's own rooms. Lol. Comfortable sangat! ada katil, ada makanan, ada laptop, study ntah ke mana, hati gundah gulana.

is it almost time for UPS?Or have that part long past already?
*touches imaginary beard*

Ah... I remembered my graduation ceremony like it was yesterday.
I should inform you that matrik's graduation ceremony is held on April.
My college (Kolej Matriks Kedah), has these trees that bear beautiful purple and pink flowers planted all around the college's ground. Supposedly, they are in full bloom in April. I dunno their name but I used to call them 'Sakura Kedah'. Ntah pape. Padahal kat penang pun melambak. xD
Since February, I have been excitedly exclaiming to my classmates that I wanted to take pictures in the ceremonial robe, under one of these trees. But alas, the weather had been excruciatingly hot since early march and hence, the flowers wilted waaayy earlier before the graduation ceremony. *sigh*
And the trees too, I think, so lazy to bear new batch of flowers since they will just dried up and turned into potpourris soon enough. *sigh again* 
But at least I got to graduate. *lol*
And when the dreaded last week of lectures came, we all were all present to hear the final lectures. (Hey, I was always present to class except when I'm sick. Mind you >:P)
It was all bitter sweet, y'know?
The female lecturers were all giving their final speech like moms telling their children to use their time wisely and study and among other things. It was so heart-touching at first but then, if we have 6 female lecturers, we have to hear just about the same thing over and over again. Man, I missed those speeches :')
The male lecturers were different. And one stood speech stood out from the rest. "Takpaa..kamu tu minggu last ni baru nak mai kelas. Next sem kamu jumpa saya lagi. Duduk dalam kalangan adik-adik junior kamu tu".The famous last word. *ouch*
The dreaded study week came soon after. And man, it was crazy hectic, wa tell lu'olls.
First off, one of my roommates decided to have a study group session starting at midnight. She called many of her friends over. And what supposed to be a room of four people (max) was occupied with 7 people, not including me and one other roommate. They used the 'lampu tengah' instead of their study lamp because of their big capacity. And i can't sleep! I tried to tolerate and be patient and more understanding BUT, I have to think about myself too! Throughout that week, I was all tired and zombie-like. And I remembered that I fainted on several occasions due to fatigue. An ambulance came and rushes me to the hospital. Later, I found out that I was the first person in history of KMK to have been taken to a hospital via ambulance, in the middle of the night. Kah! malu pulak ai. tapi, my friends said that it couldn't be helped and it was needed to be done or else, van jenazah will come. Such wonderful friends, they were :')
They intervened and told off my roommate for the entire situation. A few rules were clearly had been broken by that roommate of mine and she stood her ground saying that it wasn't her fault.*growls*
But all in all... It added to the bitter sweet memories. More bitter than sweet. But a memory, regardless.

Ahh.. PSPM. Last day.
I finished my paper with 20 mins to spare. I used the time to look around and absorbed the surrounding with what little time I had left. My lecturers. My surrounding. The beloved DM (Dewan Mahawangsa). My friends' faces trying so hard to answer the exam. Lulz~
And when the time was up, so was our title as a matric student. A KMK student.
Then, as what typical girls do on a typical scene like this, we hugged and cried our eyes out. Typical.
I didn't cry at first but then i saw this friend of mine who basically was (and hopefully still) a sister of mine all smiling and happy because she smashed that exam out of the park while I spent  the time to browse idly at things. Oh look, a butterfly

Man...I rambled waay too much.
I'll hapdet later la. When I feel like it.

Umm...Hi? :D

After a long, long, long time, Khobes finally update her blog.
Kes blog terbiar. heh

SO, I'm updating this from our beloved kolej. At serambi to be exact. Kindda like ruang legar and whatnot.
Man, I miss blogging. It's been quite awhile now since the last update.
Dulu update pasal MPPB but now dah lepas midterm exam baru tambah lagi satu post. Like, khobes, sila berguling masuk gua lah kalau malas sangat nak jaga blog kau ini adoiyainyaaaa.
I think after this (for a short time), i'll be updating about motivation and stuff since ai sendiri lack of motivasi nak teruskan hidup *panjat tangki*
But the most important part, I wanna hapdet it in my blog. Sebab i je yg baca blog i. Syok sendiri gila. dasar khobes bulat berkulat-kulat. Kbye.

I think that's it in this post. Entah bila baru ada time and idea nak update. Ceh. Bajet macam penulis tegar pulak. padahal nak buat assignment pun last minit. Muehehehe~


Life as a Matriculant- Surviving the MPPB week

wei ho~ dua post dalam sehari! this must've been a new record!

Lepas korang mendaftar masuk masa hari kemasukan, korang akan menghadapi MPPB which means (M)inggu (P)engurusan (P)elajar (B)aru

On the very first day, after mendaftar, you'll be led into your home~
akak tak berani komen lebih-lebih sebab akak masuk lewat sehari atas sebab yang tak dapat dielakkan. Kah kah kah
Oh ye, and korang akan perlukan satu beg yang amat sangat penting sekali. I called mine the first aid kit. Sebab kebanyakan barang dalam tu amat diperlukan for getting through the entire day. I'll tell you what's in it through this post, how and when to use it. Ceh, bajet macam mission impossible tak memasal

Wellzz... Here goes!
Korang akan dapat kumpulan for Latihan Dalam Kumpulan (LDK) Korang akan duduk with your lecturer merangkap mentor yang korang boleh tanya apa je for the whole LDK session.

You'll be doing a lot of things such as touring the whole college ground, nyanyi lagu Negaraku, lagu Negeri, lagu Kolej. As far as yang akak ingat, korang just akan banyak berlari for the whole week. I don't know why or what were we running away from, but, it was kindda hectic and fun in a crazy sorta way.

The day started with the wailing of the sirens waking you up from your slumber. Or a nap cuz you'll be sleeping like, 12.53 a.m and wakes up at 4 a.m. You'll be sleep deprive that you could just sleep while waiting for azan subuh in the masjid. trust me. Then, after solat subuh, there'll be tazkirah (which most of the students slept through). After that they will let you go back to your room and you guys could buy breakfast (if sempat ah)
dear adiks, trust me, breakfast will be SANGAT AMAT important SEKALI sebab korang akan guna banyak tenaga for the whole day. If tak sempat, this is when your snacks will come in handy. Keep biscuits, chocolates, candies, roti and apa-apa je yang boleh bagi korang tenaga. Usually akak bawak air yang manis like air kotak cuz glucose is an important source of energy. akak minum air manis tu bila penat sangat sebab air tak payah di digest, hence, a quick boost of energy! wah kau, mentang-mentang belajar bio :P
But, if korang gastric, I suggest bawak biscuit oats yang high in fibre. That'll keep you feeling full and energised for while. Jangan lupa makan something yang heavy for lunch bila korang dah skip breakfast. Something yang simple je dah lah. tak payah melebih letak nasi, ayam, daging, telur, sayur apa semua. karang muntah pulak lepas lari-lari. Makan nasi (carbohydrate), some proteins (ayam/ikan/telur/daging) and sayur-sayuran. Tak payah banyak. just to keep you full and energised to get through the day. Ingat! key word untuk minggu MPPB adalah full and energised! Tak kisahlah kalau adik makan twisties tengah-tengah malam tu. Kalau rasa kenyang dan bertenaga, then you'll survive!
Sometimes, ada yang nak makan breakfast and lunch tapi tak sempat nak beli sebab dorang bagi time limit 30 minit je untuk bersiap. What if, lepas solat subuh, korang beli secara pukal..? Like, beli dua nasi, and lauk-lauk letak asing. Hence, kalau korang balik bilik, dalam masa entah berapa saat sangat tu, korang boleh lunch sekejap. Tak payah makan sampai rasa sendat perut. Cukup sekadar...FULL AND ENERGISED..!

During this whole week, dorang akan bagi korang banyak borang and kertas apa-apa kebenda ntah. Pastikan korang jaga benda-benda tu dengan baik! Bukan barang amanah, it's more like borang maklumat and what not. PENTING! jangan hilangkan! sebab ada kemungkinan dorang akan denda korang kalau korang minta lagi kat dorang. Korang dah penat nak berlari buat aktiviti apa semua, hence, jangan bagi energy korang disia-siakan. These kertas, letak dalam beg!

Untuk LDK, korang kena pakai baju formal, like baju kurung, baju kemeja and tie. Bawak baju yang tak payah digosok sangat. Or gosok je terus time awal-awal masuk dulu. Buat secara pukal so that korang tak pening sangat time MPPB nanti.

Well... I guess benda paling penting untuk korang bawak time kat Matrik nanti and akan diguna pakai paling kerap time MPPB is SURVIVAL SKILL.takdelah sampai kena wrestling dengan beruang kat dalam hutan. tapi skill korang kena survive sendiri. Mungkin je korang akan bergerak bersama roommates korang apa semua tapi time LDK nanti korang tak semestinya bersama. If you're lucky enough utk dpt LDK with kawan satu sekolah, korang still takkan dapat survive if korang nak bergantung sesama sendiri. Time is the limit here, if you're going to wait for others, you'll end up being punished for the things that's not even your me. For MPPB week, korang celik je mata, terus pergi toilet and bersiap for the day. Takde masa kau nak takut kat hantu ke apa semua. lagi takut kalau kena denda depan orang ramai. Gila malu kena marah dengan abang/kakak fasi depan 1000++ orang!

At the end of the MPPB week, you'll get your matric card yang menandakan korang adalah pelajar matric! Weeee~~~
Lepas tamat je MPPB, like after the majlis penutup, you'll be super tired! Ada je matric yang bagi korang outing lepas habis majlis tu. But if kalau tak nak outing, baik pergi tidur. trust me adiks.. after the MPPB week, the thing you'll need the most is SLEEP. cuz yang tamat tu MPPB je. Minggu kuliah pun sama je hecticnya cuma korang boleh tidur pukul 10 malam and bangun pukul 7 pagi. kah kah kah kah.

So the things you'll need throughout MPPB week:
1) survival skill
2) food and water
3) sleep.

And that's just about sums up the whole crazy week in one post.
ada lagi soalan ke? Next post akak try jawab ye

p/s: your barang berharga better dikunci dalam locker. if nak bawak sangat, pastikan korang letak dekat dengan korang all the time. But, mana ada masa nak check wasep time tengah senamrobik :P